FLØRLI – the site

Flørli Tidende

Flørli is situated in the fjord municipality Forsand  in the district of Rogaland in the south west of Norway.

Flørli is a deserted power station and can only be reached by boat.

The powerplant was built in 1914 to produce electricity from the waterfall and  was deserted  in 1999. A new powerplant, completly automatically driven, was built inside the mountain and was activated that same year.

Flørli is reachable on a daily schedule from Stavanger or other road connections by hydrofoil.  Twelve houses in Flørli, built to house the workers and their families during nearly a 100 years,  are now mostly used for holiday purpose, some are available for short time renting.
A large building which housed 5 turbines, stands and streches it’s whiteness on the peer by the fjord. One turbine is left for historical purpose and the hall is cleaned up so to receive exhibitions in the summer.

Down from the top of the 750 m high mountain, run two tubes built to bring down the water to the turbines, and along those are the well known 4444 Flørli steps. Built then for the maintenance of the tubes, the steps are now a popular touring ame.

The site has a café opened in the summer season.

Organized hiking tours are available during the season, for visitors to visite different parts of the area, the Pulpit rock, The Kjerag bolten, and in Flørli the 4444 wooden steps leading to the dams at  750 meters above sea level.