Skromlehjulet figurteater

Skromlehjulet puppet theater is a free international theater group located in Stavanger (Norway). We have worked with the puppet and puppet theater for children and adults since 1996. Skromlehjulet has been seen by a large number of people and performing in the Cultural Rucksack, nursery schools, institutions, private parties, theater, festivals and all possible events.

Skromlehjulet has also shown their performances at several international festivals of puppet theater in Poland, Chekkia, Russia, Denmark, Greece and festivals in Norway.

Skromlehjulet puppet theater works with a visual theatrical expression which plays and puppet animation with light, sound, music and images is the key. We often start with a familiar text which we dramatize, process and transform into the theater.

Skromlehjulet Puppet theater consists of

Kjersti Iversen: puppeteer, actor and puppet maker.
Roque Rimenez Palacio: Puppet Plays.
Kjell Terje Helgeland:  Artistic Director

Skromlehjulet puppet theater has for the first time set up an exhibition of the puppets used in earlier shows.

Skromlehjulet puppet theater shows at Flørli,  A GHOST after a novel by Knut Hamsun on sunday july 1rst and 29th.
Here are som pictures.

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The project:   A GHOST is produced in Flørli’s deserted school during the summer and automne 2011.

The ghoststory is developed instpired by Flørli’s quiet summer nights and mystical autumn evenings. All the recording is made in the deserted powerhall and gives the show presicely what a ghost needs for haunting.   A GHOST has travelled on tour in the Ryfylke region and will visite northern Norway this coming fall, close to the birth place of Knut Hamsum, to show the piece in schools.

(children under 5 only together with there parents)