– Štefan Papčo

In the Jøssingfjord is the sculpture “Bivac”

Bivac is a wooden sculpture carved by the Slovakian artists Štefan Papčo. The mountain slope of the Jøssingfjord situated in west Norway, was it’s base.
During a whole year “Bivac”, the sculpture could be seen “live” as a camera was streaming the site  !  The sculpture has been moved for restauration.

Bivac, Jøssingfjord

The art work was not placed between the protected walls of the museum and though the sculpture is  precisely carved- you could nearly think it is alive, it was placed out of reach unless you are an alpinist. But still, we, “normal people “could see Bivac, beaten by the westvinds, and changing with time and weather, on our computer,  world wide.

Bivac is one of five works which was shown at Štefan Papčo’s  personal show in Bratislava in october 2009. Štefan Papčo has participated with this work and shown Bivac on a large screen  in Paris in november at the artfair “La jeune création”.

In the Lysefjord, Flørli, is the installation “Tatraversion” also by Štefan Papčo.

The artist built Tatraversion during his stay in Flørli this last summer. You might want to see the work and the awsome site, Flørli, an industrial site  established in 1918  for  Hydrolic powerplant reason, in the middle of the wilderness, no road but a daily hydrofoil. For more information about renting a flat to stay overnight, see the installation Tatraversion and see Flørli, please call 0047 95236847. Highly recomanded !



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  1. The installation “Tatraversion” Stefan Papco.dans industrial buildings of the fjord is really beautiful …
    This place can accommodate facilities with technology? …
    I guess work on the body and industrial areas, the relationship man / machine but also the abandonment of one or the other.

  2. Hello Gérard

    Well the accomodation with the camera is a one time project. It is completely spesific to this project . There is noe art structure organizing this, only this association TB Dalane art project, which is very small, but has organized the symposiom in 2008 I was curator for.

    cordially Agnes

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